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Cat.numberNewDescriptionSerial numberQuotationCurIssued‰Expir.
INT01 N500u Xantic ChatCard for Inmarsat-A-B-M 010395 0.00 EUR ? 1 YEAR
INT01A N 50u Xantic ChatCard for Inmarsat-A-B-M ORDERED 0.00 USD ? 1 YEAR
INT02 N1h Internet Corner MINOAN Lines (HSF KNOSOS PALACE - 0.00 EUR ?
INT02. NLink to
INT03 N15min 'The Yachts of Seabourn' C00505 0.00 EUR ?
INT04 N30min CUNARD logo SEABORN logo C09435 0.00 EUR ?
INT04. NLink to

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